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    Dru Sjodin 2020 Results

Dru Sjodin 2020 Results

First, I want to thank each of you for playing in our 14th Annual Dru Sjodin Summer Scramble. We had a fantastic turnout and were fortunate to have a beautiful day. Your support of this event is very much appreciated. Both in what is does to support the Dru Sjodin Foundation’s initiatives, but also to honor our beautiful friend, Dru. We sincerely hoped your day was enjoyable and we look forward to seeing you all again next year

Below is a summary of winners in all the different activities we had going on for the event. Also, attached to this email you will find a full listing of the Tournament results. This information and a video of the 50/50 drawing can be viewed on the tournament page of our website:


Thanks again for playing!



1st Place: 62 (-10); $300 Team: Kent Emerson, Scott Spencer, Tom Demars, Tim Hubbard.

2nd Place: 63 (-9) Tie Break: $200 Team: Kevin Anderson, Sue Anderson, Chrish Smeija, Brad Bold.

3rd Place: 63 (-9) Tie Break: $140 Team: Nate & Abby Lilleodeden, Shawn Niznik, Andre Lubke

7th Place: 67 (-5) Tie Break: $100 Team: Logan Swanstrom, Ashley Kline, Rachel Mills, Scott Nelson

12th Place: 68 (-4) Tie Break: $100 Team: Chris Bair, Dave Olson, Cole Cotrell, Johnny Mickelson

18th Place: 70 (-2) Tie Break $100 Team: Jerry Logelin, Steve Dahms, Mike Page, Terri Earp

Winnings are in CASH and can be picked up at the Whitefish Proshop. Donations are always accepted.


No SKINS were out!!! Due to no winning SKINS this year the Dru Sjodin Foundation will be the beneficiary of the SKIN money that was in the pot. Thank you for your participation!


Hole #2: Longest Putt: Luke Hughes

Hole #5: Longest Drive MEN: Archie Bunker

Hole #7: Closest to Pin WOMEN: Sara Jorgenson

Hole #10: Longest Drive WOMEN: Abby Lilleodeden

Hole #12: Closest to Pin ALL: Tim Hubbard

Hole #15: Longest Putt: Logan Swanstrom

Hole #17: Closest to Pin MEN: Luke Hughes

50/50 WINNERS:

$350 CASH: BLUE Ticket: # 6906491

Callaway Driver: BLUE Ticket: # 6905712

$100 CASH: BLUE Ticket: # 6905993

$100 CASH: BLUE Ticket: # 6905966

4-Rounds Golf: BLUE Ticket: # 6905940

4-Rounds Golf: Blue Ticket: # 6905682

Winners: To claim your prize please take a photo of the winning ticket and email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or text to 218-839-7900


Item Description  Ticket Number Name of Winner
Tin Cup Tent (JB) 7230077 Todd Furan
Titleist Golf Bag  7230157 Steve Aamans
 Makita Cordless Drill  7230114 Linda
 Simply Rustic GC $25 7230132 Aaron Salzer
 6 Bottles Wine & Makers  7230023 Larry Barrett
 Simply Rustic Floral GC $50  7230079 Kathy Green
 Cabo Wabo Charcoal Grill 7230062 Leo Benning
 Casa Amigos Surf Board  7230163 Sheri Carlson
 Titleist Golf Bag  7230149 Chad Dixon
 Brown Family Vineyards 3 Liter  7230042 Tracy Hanson
 Jameson Adirondak Chair  7230046 Chad Moore
 Eskimo 3 PopUp Fish House  7230022 Larry Barrett
2 Titos Chairs 2/Cooler & 4 Bottles of Titos 7230081 Kathy Green
 Titos Cooler w/Case of Titos
& Fruit Press
 7230146 Chad Dixon
 Malibu Paddle Board  7230126 JoJo Teich
 Jameson Neon  7230097 Jori Carlson
 Traeger Grill  7230089 Jakob Kwist

All Winnings can be picked up at the Whitefish proshop. If you have questions, please call either Bryan Held at 218-820-0989, or Steve Bengtson at Whitefish Golf Club 218-543-4900

Thanks Again!