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    CocoLoco 2020 Results

CocoLoco 2020 Results

CoCoLoCo Scramble Participants,

Well, what can we say?  Another “CoCoLoCo” day in the books.  I hope everyone had a blast?!  The day went exceedingly well from our perspective and we hope it did for you too!  As always, one of the main objectives of golf should be to have a little (or a lot) of fun.  It looked like that was had by all.

I also want to thank you all for doing your part to make the day successful.  From arrival through the finishing of your round each team did a marvelous job adhering to the parameters that were set out.  Thank you. 

As we’re on full summer mode now our next event will be the Dru Sjodin Scramble in August.  Look for more information to follow soon.  We hope you can play!

As you know, we had two Divisions for this event:  The Open Division and the Couples Division.  On the red-colored Rules Sheet we had for the day the parameters of how these Divisions were defined were explained as well as the placements the we were paying out.  All ties were decided by a playoff calculation by the Golf Tournament Software we use.  Attached to this email, and with the LINK below, are the results for the CoCoLoCo Golf Scramble.

Overall Low Score:  57 came from the team of Nick Conzemius, Joe Conzemius, Michael Conzemius and Joe Connelly!  Nice playing!  Additional $100 bonus and 4 Rounds of Golf at Whitefish included for this feat!  Well done!



1st Place and Overall Low Champion: Score of 57 (-15); $300 Team: Nick Conzemius, Joe Connelly, Joe Conzemius, Michael Conzemius

open division 2020 cocoloco

2nd Place: Score of 58 (-14); $200 Team:  Steve Bloom, Chris Olson, Tyler Cook, Ken Basten

3rd Place:   Score of 60 (-12); $140 Team:  Al Falconer, Steve Falconer, Will Falconer, Nick Falconer

7th Place:  Score of 63 (-9): $140 Team:  John Marsden, Steve Marsden, Evan Marsden, Duane Wolff

11th Place:  Score of 64 (-8): $140 Team:  Eric Oanes, Shawn Strehlow, Todd Clark, Mark Shoebes

15th  Place:  Score of 65 (-7): $100 Team:  Mark Hermes, John Hermes, Todd Yager, Kyle Kingsley

20th Place: Score of 69 (-3): $100 Team:  Dean Helgeson, Chuck Hadley, Joe Stolski, Jacob Hadley

Winnings are giving  in Whitefish GC Gift Certificates



Hole #5 Eagle:  $230 Cash:  Ethan Scott, Mike Umland, Alex Spilde, Alex Umland

Hole #6 Eagle:  $230 Cash:  Ben Houle, Chris Pederson, Al Petrich, Dan Barsness



1st Place Winning Team: Score of 58 (-14); $300 Team: Nancy McEnroe, John McEnroe, Cathy Munger, Gary Munger

2020 couples division

2nd Place: Score of 59 (-13); $200 Team:  Noah Lawson, Anna Lawson, Brad Lange, Krista Lange

3rd Place:   Score of 62 (-10); $140 Team:  Warren Bailey, Jim Hicks, Peg Hicks, Terri Rose

7th Place:  Score of 65 (-7): $140 Team:  Judy VanDerMolen, Shareon Hall, Joni Meilahn, Sherry Gabrielson

11th Place:  Score of 69 (-3): $140 Team:  John Buckanaga, Lisa Buckanaga, Rick Smith, Coke Smith

15th  Place:  Score of 72 (Even): $100 Team:  Debbie Siebell, Todd Siebell, Laurie Fitzer, Gregg Fitzer




Hole #13 Eagle:  $170 Cash:  Cathy Munger, Gary Munger, Nancy McEnroe, John McEnroe

Hole #18 Eagle:  $170 Cash:  Noah Lawson, Anna Lawson, Brad Lange, Krista Lange


PROXIMITY WINNERS: $15 Each Gift Certificate

Hole #3:  Long Drive-MEN:  Ben Peterson

Hole #5:  Longest Drive-WOMEN:  Andrea Ostrowski

Hole #7:  Closest to Pin-MEN:  Keith Behrens

Hole #7:  Closest to Pin-WOMEN:  Mimi Swanson

Hole #9:  Longest Putt:  Mike Shardlow

Hole #12:  Closest to Pin-WOMEN:  Coke Smith

Hole #14:  Longest Putt:  Tom VanHaute

Hole #16:  Closest to Pin (2nd Shot):  John Theiler

Hole #17:  Closest to Pin-MEN:  Ken Basten

Hole #18:  Longest Putt:  Don Denman


50/50 Winners:

Grand Prize  $800 CASH:  Ticket:  WHITE 125111

Ping G410 Driver:  Ticket:  WHITE  126403

$100 CASH:  Ticket:  WHITE  125859

$100 CASH:  Ticket:  GREEN  970542

4-Rounds:     Ticket:  WHITE 125998

4-Rounds:     Ticket:  GREEN 970875


Winning Ticket Number: To claim your 50/50 prize please take a photo of the winning ticket and email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or text to 218-839-7900 


Best Dressed and Most Spirited Award

Many were deserving of the Best Dressed Award but the 4-some took it over the top throughout the day with their team spirit!  Thanks to all who played in the 2020 CoCoLoCo!!  (Oh, and they receive 4-rounds of golf at Whitefish for their efforts!)/

Best Dressed and Most Spirited Award