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    Bloody Open Golf Day 2020 Results

Bloody Open Golf Day 2020 Results

First, I want to thank each of you for playing in our 10th Annual Bloody Open Golf Day.  We had a fantastic turnout and a enjoyed a beautiful day.  The intent of this day is to have some fun with your friends and enjoy the game we all love.  From our end it looks like YOU SUCCEEDED!  We saw a lot of smiles and heard a lot of laughs during the day.  That is the real value of the day.  As always, your support in our Club is very much appreciated.  We like to think of our golfers as family.  We hope you feel the same.

Secondly, I especially want to thank you all for doing your part to make the day successful.  From arrival through the finishing of your round each team did a marvelous job adhering to the parameters we set out.  In this strange time we all need to do our part.  You did yours.  Thank you.

We sincerely hoped your day and look forward to seeing you all again.   In the coming days we have a couple of days you may be interested in:

Memorial Weekend:  Over Memorial Day Weekend we are supporting the Homeless & Wounded Warriors of MN Foundation.  By playing golf that weekend you can choose to donate any amount to this foundation; donate $1, or more, and we will give 100% of these funds to the foundation.  On Memorial Day proper we are offering a $25 golf special for all active and retired vets.  On Memorial Day we will also be having some special event holes that day that all can partake in.  We hope you can attend.

CocoLoco 4-Person Scramble:  Sunday, June 28th.  Just like the Bloody Open Golf Day, we plan to bring you this event, one way, or another.  Since it is over a month away, we hope that we will be back to some more “normalcy” in how we conduct the day.  Either way, we can have some fun and enjoy a margarita (or two) along the way.  "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!"

Again, we want to Thank You for playing!


Below, are the results for the Bloody Open Golf Day.

1st Place:  Tie Break:  Score of 58 (-14); $300 Team:  Eric Umland, Alex Umland, Tony Umland, and Tom Wedin.

2nd Place: Score of 58 (-14); $200 Team:  Jack Blesener, Glen Hasselberg, Derek Hasselberg, Beck Erholtz.

3rd Place:   Score of 89 (-13); $140 Team:  John Hyduke, Anthony Ostrowski, Andrea Ostrowski, Jack Kolar

7th Place:  Score of 62 (-10): $100 Team:  Candace Prigge, Kathy Toensing, Chad Paulson, Terry Gavin

12th Place:  Score of 65 (-7): $100 Team:  John Noble, Black Aakhus, James Hansen, Same Windle

17th Place:  Score of 66 (-6): $100 Team:  Jerry Moore , Mimi Swanson, Dick Blomquist, Paula Gulliford

22nd Place: Score of 66 (-6): $80 Team:  Ben Houle, Dan Barsness, Kevin Jannsen, Al Petrich

27th Place: Score of 68 (-4): $80 Team:   John Buckanaga, Lisa Buckanage, Rick Smith, Coke Smith

32nd Place: Score of 69 (-3): $80 Team:   Jeff Nyquist, Roberta Nyquist, Danny Goerges, Pryce Score

37th Place:  Score of 72 (E): $80 Team:  Ernie Byerly, Michael Sweeney, Christa Sweeney, Andy Berg

Winnings are giving in Whitefish GC Gift Certificates



Hole #5 Eagle:  $277.50 Cash:    John Noble, Black Aakus, James Hansen, Sam Windle

Hole #13 Eagle:  $277.50 Cash Eric Umland, Alex Umland, Tony Umland, Tom Wedin


PROXIMITY WINNERS:  $10 Each Gift Certificate

Hole #2:  Closest to Pin (2nd Shot):  Eric Umland

Hole #5:  Longest Drive (In Fairway) Tom Wedin

Hole #6:  Closest to Pin (2nd Shot):  Jeff Pruitt

Hole #7:  Closest to Pin:  Charles Porter

Hole #9:  Longest Putt:  Rich Kadrlik

Hole #12:  Closest to Pin:  Jerry Moore

Hole #14:  Longest Putt:  Tom Moronie

Hole #16:  Closest to Pin (2nd Shot):  Ross Stark

Hole #17:  Closest to Pin: Dave Fleck

Hole #18:  Longest Drive (In Fairway) Isaiah Streed


50/50 Winners:

$350 CASH:  Ticket:  GREEN 969708

Ping Driver:  Ticket:  PINK  807397

$100 CASH:  Ticket:  PINK  806988

$100 CASH:  Ticket:  GREEN  969547

4-Rounds:     Ticket:  PINK 807208

4-Rounds:     Ticket:  PINK 806696


50/50 Winners:  To claim your 50/50 prize please take a photo of the winning ticket and email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or text to 218-839-7900

All other winners:  please let me know if you would like your prize mailed out to you, or to be held at Whitefish until you come in again.  Thanks again for playing!